Rural Charm Chester Springs, PA

Nestled on a south-facing slope in the rolling hills of Chester County, this charming rural home provides many landscape opportunities. The client has a keen sense of the potential of the property, which provides strong design opportunities. Working with the natural landscape features of the property, a predominantly native landscape theme is used. A palette of mostly indigenous trees, shrubs, grasses and herbaceous cover provides a diverse, seasonal planting. There is rarely a dull moment.

Hardscape elements include reclaimed barn remnants incorporated into a field stone wall, mixed medium landings, and a semi formal side yard entrance courtyard. An informal stepping stone walkway, flanked by large, moss covered boulders and covered in thyme and other ground covers, flows through the landscape, while a wet laid field stone walk with barn tread stone steps provides access to the front door. The north side of the property features a created naturalistic boulder field and native flowering trees as well as a charming flagstone patio for dining and entertaining.

A custom wrought iron gate provides a closed in lawn area for the family dogs to romp through a lawn area. Teamed up with the natural vistas, woodland areas and a large meadow, this landscape effortlessly blends with its surroundings.

Project Team

Valley Forge Stone Works